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When will it snow ?

Recent UK newspapers report have told us to expect the coldest winter for a century and certainly at this time of year in ski resorts, our thoughts turn to snow and its arrival date. Apparently due to the unusually mild autumn, experts studying the air flow in the upper atmosphere have said that everything points towards negative Artic Oscillation this winter. This will result in a weaker jet stream which usually keeps the cold at bay over the North Pole which will mean blasts of freezing air with snow storms and cold winds. Also the Siberian snow cover is well ahead of schedule this year which is another indicator that we are in for a harsh winter.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed for a great season of snow so while I know it is not always the most welcome weather in the UK, here in Meribel we can never have too much of the white stuff!

What I always love at this time of year are the folklore tales and Old Wives predictions about the forthcoming winter weather and here are a few of my favourites….

  • A bumper crop of berries on the bushes and trees and birds collecting, storing and eating them is nature preparing for a harsh winter
  • Look for squirrels with particularly bushy tails – these are creatures ‘in the know’ when it comes to weather forecasting
  • The brighter the autumn foliage the more severe the winter will be
  • Bigger and more plentiful pine cones are a sure sign of a severe winter to come as the trees try to ensure that enough seeds make it through to spring
  • Animals fur gets thicker when the winter is going to be colder
  • Thick shells on acorns are a sure sign of a severe winter to come
  • Bees and hornets nest higher in trees when the winter will be very snowy

The Three Valleys are due to open on the 6th December and so we are all hoping for a cold November to get the base ready – I will keep you posted ….. It would be lovely to have great early snow and a beautiful white Christmas. Our stunning chalets look even better with a covering of snow and inside with log fires, cosy sofas, warm throws and chilled champagne you can be sure of a warm welcome for a stay in our luxury chalets.

Roaring fires and chilled champagne

Roaring fires and chilled champagne