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Snow – some interesting facts

Its snowing today in Meribel and so I thought it was a good day to tell you some interesting facts about the ‘white stuff’ that we all love so much.

  1. Did you know that the first known usage of the word ‘snow’ was in the 9th century and the word ”snowball’ dates to around 1400
  2. When snow melts, one inch of fresh snow will produce less that a 10th of an inch of water
  3. The average snowflake falls at a speed of about 3 mph
  4. Although rarely a condition found in ski resorts, people with ‘chionophobia’ have an intense dislike or fear of snow
  5. Although we all grew up being told that the Inuit people had hundreds of words for ‘snow’, it is apparently a myth and that there are only two basic words to describe snow in the Inuit language – ‘qanik’ meaning snow in the air and ‘aput’ meaning  snow on the ground
  6. The largest snowman ever built was acutually a snow-woman who was 122ft tall and built in Maine USA in 2008
  7. All snowflakes have 6 sides and the largest snowflake ever recorded was 15 inches wide and it fell in Montana in 1887
  8. Snow is not white – it is actually clear and colourless but sunlight is uniformly absorbed over the wavelength of visible light thus making it look white
  9. Wilson Bentley, a US farmer known as the Snowflake Man took more than five thousand photos of snowflakes
  10. In the 3 Valleys ski area there are over 2,000 snow making machines covering a third of the ski area ensuring good ski conditions from December through April

Lets hope it keep snowing hard today to get the (snow)ball rolling.

Why not come and enjoy a play in the white stuff this winter in the wonderful Avery Crest Chalets because everyone deserves a little luxury !