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Skiing in January

I am often asked when I think the best time is to come skiing and while I would love to have Christmas in the mountains ( the full-on fairytale magic of snow & mountains!)  and I know that anyone with school-age children is restricted to certain dates, I do have a particular liking for skiing in January.  A few years back, people use to worry about it being too cold and I can certainly remember a few ski trips in January when we wore face masks it was so chilly and that even with full-on-thermals we had to keep stopping for hot chocolate but the weather seems to be milder now and I think such enormous improvements have been made to technical ski wear, that this is no longer such an issue.

Here are my top five reasons why I love January skiing:

  1. What an amazing way to start the year – there are few things as inspiring as majestic mountain scenery and time spent skiing in the Alps always puts life into perspective. After the joyous excesses of Christmas and New Year, a ski holiday always feels so cleansing and refreshing and sets you up for the rest of the year.
  2. Good snow – snow conditions are usually at their best in January so it is the perfect time to make the most of the mountains and in an area like the wonderful 3 Valleys is a great time to explore all the 600 kms of pisted runs has to offer.
  3. The slopes are at their quietest – after the first week of January when Russian Christmas is celebrated, there are no school or public holidays in January so resorts and slopes tend to be at their quietest point. In fact with all the improvements in the 3 Valleys lift system and the introduction of so many high-speed chairs there are very  few queues at any time but January is certainly the best time on the slopes and for getting into restaurants.
  4. Be smug about lower prices – this is the quietest point in the ski season so prices are at their lowest and the same is true for flight prices so if you can travel in January there are certainly some price advantages
  5. Still find time for a 2nd ski break – ski in January & still have time to come out again towards the end of the season for a second holiday. And you can really enjoy the contrast of crisp, snowy January and lovely warm spring skiing in the sunshine at the end of March / early April.

It is not too late to book a luxury ski chalet holiday with Avery Crest and enjoy the fabulous skiing that January can offer – treat yourself because as L’Oreal would say ‘you’re worth it !’

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