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Summer 2016 — MOUNTAIN BIKING!

At some point everyone in Meribel has descended quickly downhill — Usually on Skis or a Snowboard!

So, in summer, how do we still get the Adrenaline rush?


Mountain Biking is hugely popular in Meribel and in 2014 hosted the Mountain Biking World Cup.

The VTT is on this summer from 12-14th August and sees the best of the French riders battling for a position on the very same World Cup course! Its an excellent spectacle to watch and take inspiration from!

For those then wanting a go(!) many of the ski hire shops also hire bikes, helmets and all of the protective equipment.

Another excellent reason to visit the beautiful Alps in summer!

(Video taken from Meribel Tourisme YouTube channel)

To keep up to date on all of the events taking place in Meribel this summer, be sure to check the Meribel Tourist Office website: Meribel Tourist Office