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Our Favourite After Dinner Tipple


A favourite amongst Avery Crest guests as the perfect end to a night of Champagne, delicious food and fine French wines!

Genepi flowerProduced using plants native to the Savoie region of the Alps Genepi is the ultimate digestif. The Savoyard liqueur is made from a high alpine plant only found above 2000m. The plant is characterised by its light silvery branches and yellow flowers and is harvested by locals in late July and August. 

Genepi is made by steeping the flower heads (Artemisia or Wormwood flower) in clear alcohol or pure grain alcohol. Its primarily produced by Savoie families and always includes Grand-Pere’s secret recipe – which is why you will get differing tastes depending on who has made it! However the standard recipe is 40-40-40. 40 flower heads, 40 lumps of sugar (add to 1 litre of alcohol) and 40 days of rest! Voila.

Its such a part of the savoie dining experience you will be offered a shot of this pale yellow liqueur after your meal in most reputable restaurants. 

 Best served after a delicious Fondue or Raclette but equally as good by the fire in the chalet – something all of the Avery Crest guests can attest to.