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Avery Crest & the Dublin Horse Show

Avery Crest is delighted to be sponsoring the Speed Stakes at the 2014 world famous Dublin Horse Show this August. The show which starts on the 6th August is the largest equestrian event in Ireland and is very much part of the Dublin social calendar. Other events at the show are sponsored by Longines, Land Rover and the main highlight is the Aga Khan Nations Cup.

The show has a long and illustrious history and was first held in 1864. Apart from the war years it has been held consistently since then and moved to its current location, in the grounds of the Royal Dublin Society in 1881. Originally a very Irish affair, the show has been an international event since 1926 with the introduction of the Nations Cup. Originally open only to military riders, it was first won by the Swiss and any nation team winning 3 times is entitled to keep the trophy, which was donated by the Aga Khan ( and now his heirs). The current trophy is the 6th in the series and the winners in 2013 were Great Britain in a team led by Nick Skelton.

In addition to the equestrian events there are exhibitions of art, craft and live music. There is also a prize for the best dressed lady at the show so the grounds are a sea of wonderful hats ! This year the Dublin Horse Show is proud to present demonstrations by Buck Brannaman, the famous horse-whisperer from Montana who inspired the character in Nicholas Evans novel ‘The Horse Whisperer’.

All in all it should be a fantastic event and Avery Crest are delighted to be part of the show – we’ll keep you posted on the winner of the Speed Stakes event.

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