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2019 Season

2019 Season

Dear George, Alex, Ruth, Emily and Joe. Thank you all so much for an amazing holiday. It was so much fun. George and Alex – You are both awesome and make a great team. Joe – you are really fun and great at snowball fighting! Emily – you are so much fun. Ruth – I am so grateful – without you this holiday wouldn’t have been so fun! Thank you all. A. 9 Years old

Thank you all so much for a fantastic week. Everything was perfect. You all looked after us so well. O&AG Feb 2019

We had a fantastic time. Thank you to all of you, amazing sunny week in the powder. We will be back. DG Feb 2019

Dear Alex, George, Ruth, Emily and Joe. Thank you all so much for making this a truly magical and memorable week for us all. The food, care and attention has been first class. Chalet Du Vallon is such a special place, we were incredibly lucky to spend time here. The Irish Gang. Feb 2019

Ruth, George, Alex, Emily and Joe. Many Thanks to all of you for making our skiing trip so brilliant. Delicious food and very entertaining company too. We wish you all the best for the season and beyond. Family S Feb 2019

Dear Team. Thank you for an amazing week and for making our holiday so special. Extra special thanks to awesome articulate members George and Alex. We wish you all the best. CCT Feb 2019

Truly fantastic. Thanks so much  for your hospitality – it made for a wonderful few days. Ruth and all the team have been incredible. Corporate Group Jan 2019

Thank you Emily and Joe for always being willing and ready to drive us all around. We really appreciate all that you’ve done. Thank you Ruth for the great service and always having a smile on your face. What an unforgettable vacation. One of the best thanks to all of you. Alex and George it was your smiles and laughs that really made it an extension to the family. Wishing you all the best and hope our paths cross again. C&B Families. Jan 2019

Alex and George. Thank you for the lovely times, great laughs, smiles every day and the fantastic warmth you brought to this chalet. We have all really been spoilt. CB2019

Dear Ruth and Team. Thank you for a tremendous time in Chalet Trois Ours. As always, the chalet was comfortable, food amazing and service impeccable. Thank you, George, for nailing the vegan food – it really was super. Wishing you all an incredible season ahead. Family W. Christmas 2018

Dear Alex, George, Ruth, Emily and Joe. Thank you so much for making our first ever stay in Meribel an awesome experience. I’m glad we were able to spend a little bit of 2018 and 2019 with you. A special Thanks to George – for making us outstanding meals – better than a restaurant! Alex for being a great help with the food. Ruth for organising every amazing event on this holiday. Emily, for also being a great help with the food and always greeting us with a warm smile. Last, but certainly not least, Joe, for not making us walk to the piste and taking us on short, but enjoyable journeys in the car. Family HDJL New year 2019

2018 Season

What a week! Not only has it been fantastic weather, but we’ve been surrounded by a fantastic team! Ben – your cooking was divine and I cannot Thank you enough for the amazing veggie options, I don’t often get to enjoy such a diverse menu – especially in France! Ellie – you wit has kept us entertained and your skills as a hostess exceed any other. I feel as though you have an invisible twin running around the chalet as you get everything done so quickly, yet so perfectly. Ruth – Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in and for being so accommodating! It was great to know how dedicated and ever-present you were during our stay. Sean – Thanks for being our driver and my rescuer on the first day! Most certainly the best chauffeur in the whole of France and Ireland! Thank you so much to all of the A Team! MJ April 2018

Best food I’ve ever tasted, Thank you so much Ben. Ellie – Thanks for being so caring to us all (Especially when I was ill) and for being a brilliant host throughout the week. Ruth – You’ve been so thoughtful and considered each detail, making this the best holiday we’ve ever had – we truly admire your organisational skills!! Sean – Thank you for rescuing various members of the family and for helping everything run so smoothly. You’ve all been brilliant! ZJ April 2018

Thank you so much for the team for the best week ever, food and hospitality were amazing – I will never forget it! So many foods I famously don’t like, but when cooked by Ben all taste amazing! I loved every sip and every bite. TJ April 2018

Thank you to Ruth, Ellie, Ben and Sean – it’s been AMAZING! It’s been the best holiday ever. I have been completely spoilt with the thoughtful touches and organisation. There has been nothing for me to worry about as Ruth has already thought about it and sorted it for me. Ruth – from start to finish you have thought of everything and nothing is too much trouble – you really excel at looking after us! Thank you for always being at the end of the phone! Ellie, you have been delightful – every morning and evening – mixing the BEST nespresso martini ever! Thank you for being our chalet host. The food has definately been a highlight – Thank you Ben for creating such amazing meals – you are a very talented and inventive chef. Sean – Thanks for rescuing M when he took a wrong turn down a black to Courchevel after the lifts closed (!) and for collecting me when my legs wouldn’t go any further. The Avery Crest team have been perfection! Thank you! SJJ and Family April 2018

Thank you all so much! Chalet Du Vallon is an amazing place and each member of staff was welcoming, helpful and fun. Ellie – Thanks for being a lovely comfort and a witty presence. Thank you Sean for providing wonderful transport and good conversation. Ben – your cooking is spectacular and your company is even better. Ruth – Thank you for your great organisation and for being so sweet to all of us. Hope to see you all again soon. Family J April 2018

To our wonderful chalet hosts and chef Mark. Thank you so much for making our stay so fantastic! I didn’t think the team could be as great as last year but you have all shown us a brilliant time once again! A professional bunch that blend in with ease and really add to the whole experience. Thank you. Family J. Return Guests. March 2018

Thank you again for a most lovely week. The weather and skiing conditions couldn’t have been better. The staff were as amazing as ever: so professional, friendly and creating a truly warm atmosphere. We will be back for sure! Friends K. Return guests. Feb 2018

We had an amazing week, beautiful sunshine and wonderful skiing conditions. The perfect combination! Ann Marie, Ellie and Sean have made the chalet feel like home, you are all such a great team, thank you for everything! We will return….. SS Jan 2018

Thank you to Ann Marie, Sean, and Ellie. We’ve had a fantastic week! Brilliant week, so accommodating, friendly and professional. Food – Phenomenal. Service – Impeccable. Chalet – Superb. All the best for the rest of the season. We hope to see you next year. PDAA Jan 2018

If you could bottle hospitality, the label would read ‘Chalet Du Vallon’. Thank you to Ellie, Mark, Sean, Becky and Emma for the most amazing skiing week ever – no other will come close… unless we come back again! The food, wine, cocktails and company have all been fabulous. Such an amazing chalet, a beautiful place but the lovely people who looked after us so well made it very special for us. A Thousand Thanks! JMMF, Feb 2018

Thank you all so much for the most incredible week. The incredible food and your wonderful and caring attitudes made it incredible for us. Ben, you are a masterchef and I really appreciate you trying to cater for my complicated vegan diet. The rest of the family enjoyed every morsel too. Ellie – you were omni-present and made sure everyone had everything they needed. Finally – Ruth and Sean – Thank you so much for driving us around and making sure everything always ran smoothly. Can’t wait to come back! Family F Jan 2018

Thank you!! We have had the most amazing week at Chalet Du Vallon. Thank you to Ben for the delicious meals and well done on your first attempt at ‘Melk Tert’. Ellie, you took such good care of you and have a lovely smile. Sean, we love your Irish accent and thank you for driving us around! Ruth, you know we love you! I am leaving with a very happy heart. All the best for 2018. Love, FamilyW. Repeat Guests Jan 2018

Thank you to all the staff at Chalet Du Vallon for making our stay so comfortable – it really is home from home here and so welcoming. Thank you. Family B New Year 2017

Well done guys. you keep doing that you’re doing. I’m really struggling to leave and go back to reality. for any future guests reading this, You’re so lucky! You’re in for a fantastic stay and I’m jealous thinking about it! JB Jan 2018

Had a fabulous time at Chalet Du Vallon. The staff are phenomenal and incredibly friendly. You honestly want for nothing here – it’s a snowy paradise! VB New Year 2017

2017 Season

Dear Ann Marie, Egija, Tom and Ruth. You are the fantastic four, who make this, our 7th/8th stay at Chalet Du Vallon, yet another great experience. What more can you ask for? Sunny skies, excellent high altitude skiing, superb cooking and nice caring transportation and administration galore! All in all a superb week and we will be leaving the Village trimmer, but fatter and more relaxed than ever! Wishing you all the very best Friends and Family S April 2017

The wonderful hospitality combined with an outstanding selection of food made our short holiday a taste of paradise! As our first time in Meribel our hearts have been stolen. We hope to be back soon. Family R April 2017

Sincere Thanks to Ruth, Michelle, Egija, Tait and Tom for a fantastic week at the Chalet Trois Ours. The staff go “beyond the call of duty” and do all they can to make the holiday a success. Palaids, Merci and Thank you! ST April 2017

This has been, without comparison, the BEST holiday ever!! The amazing staff – extremely lovely and the food has been extraordinary! We will be back – for sure! M&F W April 2017

We had high expectations coming back to France after many years away and you surpassed them all. What an amazing team and an amazing week. Ann Marie – I don’t know how I’m going to go back to normal food after being fed so amazingly all week. Egija, you made everything so comfortable, sumptuous and simply easy. Ruth, every request was met and you always upped our expectations. We will definately be back next year! Family J March 2017 (Boston)

I have been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of any  negatives – no success! Been sitting here 0.5secs trying to think of positives and the only word I can think of is AWESOME! Every aspect of this holiday, in particular the chalet, staff and management have come out way above superb. How can I be more enthusiastic in my praise for the staff – impossible! Thank you are 2 words that don’t express my feelings by 1%. J&M March 2017

Thank you girls so much for making our trip so special .Your hospitality was pure class, we have been truly spoilt! Good luck with the rest of the season and hope to meet you all again – maybe next year! Love x A&D March 2017 (Jersey)

We feel like you are almost family to us after staying with you for our 8th year! Thank you for another week of paradise on earth! Family B March 2017

All of the team – We both had an amazing week! The quality of the package that you have provided to us was above and beyond our expectations. To see how professional and yet personable you have all been to us was amazing to watch and to be a part of. We cant recommend you highly enough. Keep up the fantastic work. M&R March 2017

What a wonderful week we have had! Truly happy, delightful, fun and relaxing… what a fantastic team from the warmth and professionalism of Ruth and Tom to the winning smiles and catering – to our every whim – of Egija, to the superb cooking and charming personality of Ann Marie. And on top of that – Wonderful mix of weather and great snow all week – PERFECT Holiday! Thank you form all of us. CW March 2017

Thank you for a simply amazing holiday! We have been spoilt rotten and have loved every moment. We bought some snow with us too, making great conditions and saw sun, snow, wind – all sorts! We absolutely love Trois Ours and all the team who make it so special. We don’t want to go home 🙁 Special Thanks to Tait, Michelle, Ellen, Ruth and Tom. We hope we see you again soon. N&H Feb 2017

Thank you so much for the most perfect week. You make the most amazing team and you spoilt us rotten – real life is going to be a shock! Hopefully we’ll be back one day. Families S&S Feb 2017

We had an amazing week! Ann Marie, Ruth, Egija and Tom made our time in Meribel perfect! It will always be a special time for us and one we spent as a family… with new friends! Thank you!!! Family K Feb 2017

Dear Ann Marie, Egija, Tom and Ruth. Thank you for a wonderful week. Your hospitality, kindness and friendliness were fantastic. The food was amazing Ann Marie. Egija, your knowledge of wine and attention to detail (We all loved the changing table design) are just incredible. Ruth and Tom; What a team! Kind regards Group G. Feb 2017

We have had the most amazing week at Chalet Trois Ours celebrating a 50th birthday. A huge Thank You to Ruth, Tom, Tait, Michelle and Ellen for looking after us so well. We hope to be back soon. By far and away this is the best chalet in the world! 🙂 Group H Jan 2017

Special Thanks to Ann Marie for her wonderful meals. For spending hours whipping, stirring, baking and spreading pleasant aromas around the chalet. To Egija for suprising us every evening with a stylish and original decoration of the table and always with a perfect choice of the wine. To Ruth for organising everything and always being helpful. To you all and Tom for creating such a cosy and warm atmosphere with the fire, candles and freshly baked cakes and hot tea and coffee waiting for us coming back from skiing. Big hugs! PS Jan 2017

Dear Tom, Egija, Ann Marie and Ruth. We just simply wanted to say Thank You! The food, your hospitality, the services provided and the way these were provided to us through you guys have blown us away. This was definately one of the best New Year celebrations we have had so far. A truly unforgettable experience. Thanks again for everything you did. New Year 2017 Family S

Thank you for a magnificent week! We were so spoilt! The food was superb and Tait, Thank you for making us milk tart (Melk Tert in Afrikaans) Michelle and Ellen Thank You for waiting on us hand and food. Tom you took the hard work out of taking the ski gear to and from the shop. Ruth you run a wonderful team. We will miss you all and hope to see you in 2018. Family W Jan 2017

2016 Season

Thank you all so much for such a wonderful time. You were all so helpful and made our stay very special. S Family March 2016

Dear Sophie, Digby and Mike. You are an exceptional team – stylish, discreet and good company. You have made what was always going to be a great holiday exceptional! The cuisine, Mike, was just….. GREAT! Well done and Thank You. Feb 2016

A million Thank yous for the most fantastic week in your chalet. It is beautiful and you have spoilt us so much. RD January 2016

Thank you so much for an amazing trip. I can honestly say it was the best holiday I have been on in a very long time. It was amazing. PD Jan 2016

A five star strike. Ruth, Tom, Digby, Sophie and Mike provided the dream of luxury supreme. What was there not to like!? Jan 2016

Four generations of our family enjoyed Christmas at Trois Ours. Our family holiday was perfect in all respects. Ruth ran the chalet smoothly and with silent efficiency. Tom arrived at just the right time to do everything necessary. Mike in the kitchen was a revelation and taught us all so much. Sophie relaxed us all with her almost silent efficiency and her smile and Digby mesmerised us with his knowledge of wine, food, history… and all else. The owners of Trois Ours are lucky people indeed – Thank you for allowing us to share in that luck!. PW Christmas 2015

We had a fantastic week. All the staff were helpful and flexible. The kids have had a great time and the adults have had a lot of fun. Nothing has been too much trouble and we would highly recommend the chalets. Ollie’s cooking is amazing! March 2016

The overall experience was excellent with nothing too much trouble. The chalet is very well presented and well located; great menu and wine selection! Kids absolutely loved all of the team members which has made the holiday for the adults. RB March 2016

Lovely attention to detail. Clarins beauty products, scented candles etc all adds to the experience. Thanks a lot for a lovely stay EA March 2016

What a wonderful week! Would come back anytime. PL March 2016

We had a fantastic time here and much of that was down to the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. I was hugely impressed with all of the food which really made each day feel special. Keep up the good work! CS Feb 2016

It has been another fantastic week – we love coming to stay here. All the staff have been amazing. The food has been outstanding and the week has been awesome. Thank you! FP Feb 2016

This is the second time I have stayed here and I can honestly say Ollie and John made the experience superior in every way. Great balance of professionalism and being friendly to the group. Good work team – Thank for a fantastic ski holiday. AG Feb 2016

We had a great week. John and Ollie looked after us exceptionally well. Thank you for making it such a great week. RR December 2015

We had a fantastic time. Both John and Olly were excellent hosts – very polite, professional and accommodating to all of our needs. The chalet was always spotless and the food tasty and varied. NH December 2015

Fantastic, welcoming, hospitable and helpful staff. Beautiful chalet in a great position. Looking forward to visiting again one day. GS Feb 2016

It was absolutely perfect. Thank you for a wonderful stay. Half Term 2016

We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed our stay. Extremely comfortable and cosy chalet. The food was good and everything was perfect. SJ 2016

Perfect all round, a fantastic stay! Thank you for making the stay amazing and being so great with the children. ES Feb 2016

Dear John, Ollie, Ruth & Tom. Thank you so much for an amazing holiday! It was the best ski holiday and you have been so nice and fun. Thank you so much. Family J. 2015

It was paradise. Thank you so much! SD Feb 2016

Dear John, Ollie, Tom and Ruth. Thank you so much for looking after us so nicely. I’ve had the best holiday ever and enjoyed every minute of the stay. I wish I could stay forever! T.J 2015

Dear Olli, John, Ruth & Tom. This holiday has been absolutely amazing. The chalet was so welcoming and my stay has been the best. The food was the best thing I have ever tasted. Thank you so much. Christmas 2015

Ollie, John, Ruth and Tom. Thank you for a truly memorable week. We have feasted, laughed and been taken care of so well, with so much thought and attention to detail. Thank you for making it a great week and a wonderful start to the New Year. B.G December 2015

Ollie, John, Ruth and Tom. Thank you all so much for the amazing 2 weeks we have had. We had a wonderful time with you all. A 2016

John, Ollie, Ruth and Tom. Thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks and for spoiling us! We would love to come every year! HVZ 2016

Dear Ollie, John, Ruth and Tom. Thanks for a fun, food filled holiday and for making the environment so relaxed and family friendly. Sam’s 10th Birthday was made very special by the effort you all went to. H&L Half Term 2016

Great stay and hospitality as usual. Thank you Ruth, Tom, John and Ollie. Superb service and menus. We enjoyed out vacation in Chalet Du Vallon for the 8th time!! KS 2016

Here writes a group together staying in this wonderful chalet enjoying service, food and wine. Every day full of great skiing and great dining, concluded at night with a glass of Genepi. MH 2016

Dear Ruth, Oliver, John and Tom. Thank you for the spectacular food, stories, accommodation and fond memories! The entire family will never forget our ski trip here and we hope to return again ASAP! Family E from NYC

Dear Ruth, Tom, Ollie & John. Thank you for a fantastic week. Having not been on a skiing holiday for a number of years whilst we had children, this week was very important to us. We needed a fun week for adults and a week to inject our children with the ski bug and we got both! The boys have loved skiing and the chalet service directly contributed to that – they have been well fed, slept soundly, had their skis driven around and been entertained by you all. Our 2 yr old has been superbly looked after – no easy feat in a ski resort. We really do feel we have been well looked after and the chalet is lovely – perfect for 2 families.H&B Easter 2016 

2015 Season

Dear Lucy, Hannah, Doug, Annie & Rab – Thank you all so much for everything. I have had an amazing holiday – every time I come back, it gets better and better. Lucy – your food was amazing. Hannah – thank you for being so caring during our two weeks. Doug -thank you for driving us and for your amazing scrambled egss ! Rab- you have been a great ski instructor and I have thoroughly enjoyed skiing with you. Annie – thank you for everything !
T.J April 2015

Dear Lucy, Hannah & Annie – Thank you for making our first ski experience incredible. Delicious food, wonderful wine and great hospitality. M & R H March 2015

It was a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much. Family B with love March 2015

Fifth year in a row ! Great as always. Fabulous food!M.A. February 2015

This was such a special time for an Alex Girls Reunion. We laughed and laughed. Drank, ate and drank some more. Lucy & Hannah you were great. The place was spotless and the food was the best I have ever had on a chalet holiday. We would all love to come back ! The Girls January 2015

What a chalet; what a team! Thanks for looking after us so well. Nothing was too much trouble. The food was out of this world – Lucy you have real talent. Hannah you were a great sous-chef. The whole Avery Crest philosophy is fantastic. And I would recommend Rab as guide/instructor to anyone. We will be back ! Family J January 2015

Dear Lucy & Hannah – thank you so much for making this one of our best holidays ever! Hope the rest of the season goes well for you both. Dublin Sailing Crew January 2015

What a special and memorable few days we spent in Les Trois Ours. Thank you so much for giving us the greatest holiday. Family D. December 2014

Thank you all so much for a fantastic week! We all had an absolutely amazing time. Dublin Sailing Crew January 2015

Thanks to the wonderful care of a great team who spoilt and pampered us, it was one of the best. Your kindness and great care ensured everyday was one to remember. S.L January 2015

Thank you all for the best EVER chalet experience, a beautiful and cosy environment in an amazing location, nothing was too much trouble for your hardworking/charming staff… we’ll be back!Family M. February 2015

We have thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in ‘The Three Bears’ – Very beautiful chalet in a great location. We have been wined and dined in style and nothing was too much trouble from all your hardworking staff. S&S. February 2015

This place is really a paradise! What a wonderful chalet and we were pampered with delicious food by the great staff, Thanks a lot!AM. February 2015

It is not ‘Au Revoir’ since we will be back next year. Thank you for everything, we enjoyed two beautiful weeks in the chalet with our family and friends. Thanks to Rupert, Rosie, Claudia and Doug, a great team! A bientot!Family D. March 2015

2014 Season

Annie, Annabel & Hannah – thank you so much for a fabulous week and amazing food. You are all blooming brilliant! D.S December 2014

Excellent service & a great week. A beautiful team – thank you. J-P.C December 2014

“Chateau Vallon” keeps us enchanted – you just have to keep coming back ! Excellent food – great stay – thank you all ! EK February 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay – the food was absolutely delicious. We will definitely be trying some of the recipes at home ! You looked after us so well – thank you all.  Family M February 2014

Thank you Lucy for the spectacular food. Thank you Jed for your quiet and dignified help. Thank you Annie for your warmth and efficiency. Thank you Sam for your friendly, relaxed help. We have had a wonderful time ! Family V.W January 2014

Annie, Lucy, Jed & Sam – Many thanks for your attentive and thoughtful service. Our time here was exceptionally enjoyable for all members of our family. We loved the great food, the chalet was perfect and the snow conditions got better & better.AG January 2014

 I would like to Thanks Annie, Fraser, Sabrina, Gracie and Sam for being such wonderful Hosts. We will return. H. 2014 

Dear Annie, Lucy, Jed & Sam – thank you for cooking, cleaning, driving and looking after us. We had a great 2 week stay and Christina & I loved our room ! We can’t wait to come back !! Sophia G (age 9) January 2014

2013 Season

Lucy, Jed, Sam & Annie – thank you very much for a wonderful week ! Exemplary !! Max J December 2013

We have so been taken care of. You’re both wonderful hosts and people. Lucy invite us to your restaurant opening ! Meribel Village is beautiful ! R Family December 2013

Thanks Guys – in this case less is more. I can’t think of enough words to describe your contribution to our wonderful holiday. JVZ January 2013

Annie, Adam, Jess & Mark – thank you for helping to create such wonderful memories for us here in Meribel. Your hospitality and our chalet experience has been superb – a home from home. We will definitely be back! BD January 2013

What a fabulous week we have had – thank you! It has been marvellous to wake up to a readily set breakfast table before heading up to the incredible off-piste. And those dinners – we have enjoyed each and every moment of them. Thank you – it has been unforgettable. KS party February 2013

Thanks for making this past week so special for us. We loved how comfortable the chalet is & how relaxed we were after a day of skiing. Thanks for making our stay so smooth.  PP February 2013

Thank you taking such good care of us this last week. Chalet du Vallon will be one of our favourite vacation destinations and we hope to come back again soon. Merci beaucoup again! WT February 2013

Five star in everyway! Thank you so much for a wonderful week. S&C W February 2013

We had the perfect stay at Chalet du Vallon and we sure wish to be back again soon. Thank you for looking after us. EK March 2013

Who could imagine that a frosty winter resort would feel so warm! Thank you for making my first visit to Meribel so magical. From Russia with love xx AS March 2013

What can I say ? You have all worked so hard to make us feel welcome and nothing is ever too much trouble. The food has been amazing- from breakfast to Jess’ amazing Rocky Road Cake to a really great dinners. Truly brilliant and thank you so much. Until next time ……. SN March 2013

Team Chalet du Vallon – what can I say? Thank you ! Such a beautiful chalet – love the steam room ! The team are truly amazing – friendly, fun but professional. What a great combination. I hope & pray that I get  the chance to return. Editor @ thebespokeblackbook March 2013

Annie, Jess & Damien – thank you very much for a wonderful holiday. The three of you create a perfect recipe at Chalet du Vallon. We all feel very spoilt and completely refreshed. P Family March 2013

Thank you for the most amazing skiing holiday we have ever had. You have thought of every little detail to create a luxurious environment where we have been completely spoilt and pampered. We have had a wonderful time and certainly hope to return again next year. Thank you so much! KD April 2013 

An amazing week. The chalet is fantastic – very comfortable and every detail thought of. Wonderful food and we were looked after exceptionally well by Jess. Thank you! We would love to return. PS can we steal your view ?B Family April 2013

We are here for the first time and now we think of this chalet as our second home. Beautiful weather, nice people, unbelievably tasty food – it’s all we need to have the most amazing holiday in our life. Thank you very much! NK January 2013

Fantastic time thanks to the warm atmosphere of the chalet and the charming and delightful presence of Victoria, Harry & Fraser who have made our stay wonderful. D Family January 2013

Sun. Snow. Amazing food! Location, location, location. Powder skiing, Jacuzzi. Downton Abbey. Massage. Afternoon tea. Cute little menus. Champagne. Best ski week ever! See you next year!!H Family February 2013

You have all been amazing – so professional and so much fun. Thank you for being part of the best ski holiday we’ve had.AR February 2013

Harry, Victoria, Fraser & Mark – thank you for looking after us so well. We have really enjoyed our stay. JB March 2013

Harry, Victoria. Fraser & Mark – thank you for looking after all of us so well. We have had a truly fantastic time. The food and the service have been wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. Thank you so much. PS – the champagne in the hot tub was the icing on the cake ! HM Party March 2013

Harry, Victoria, Mark & Annie – Ab Fab ! 3rd season & best yet! Hope to see you next for more great food & hospitality. G Family April 2013

2012 Season

Dear Annie, Adam & Jess, thank you for a wonderful week and your perfect hospitality. It has been our favourite chalet, best holiday and we can’t wait to come back.  J Family, December 2012

An end-to-end perfect, warm experience with an eye for those minute details that make all the difference between a holiday and a lifetime experience. Thanks Annie, Ellie and Adam for taking such good care of us. We count on seeing you next year – same time, same place! H Family, January 2012

A fantastic week- we were spoilt. The food was incredible – Adam is a great chef. Thank you for your warmth and hospitality. GC, January 2012

Our experience in the chalet has been incredible. Ellie & Adam have been unbelievable hosts. They have provided us with a unique holiday. The food was amazing and so is Ellie’s ability to remember every little detail of your likes and dislikes. A unique host and hostess on a truly unique chalet experience. Mr & Mrs BW, January 2012

Many thanks for a fabulous week. Let us bring Adam and Ellie home! MC, January 2012

Outstanding. Fantastic experience. Staff were out of this world. SZ, February 2012

We would recommend you without reservation. This chalet is really superb – great view, easy access to the slopes, good space for 8/9 people. Adam is an excellent chef and Ellie looked after all other aspects of our well being very well – attention to detail was really good. RH, February 2012

You cannot improve on perfection! Adam and Ellie were fantastic and could not do enough for us. LS, March 2012

Adam and Ellie were wonderful hosts. The quality of the food and wines were exceptional. JM, March 2012

The whole set up was very professional yet still personal and friendly. The food was excellent and an unexpected bonus to have such quality. MM, 2012

You couldn’t have made us feel more welcome and comfortable. You looked after us beautifully and we couldn’t have enjoyed our holiday more. Totally spoiling food and wine, sunshine every day and amazing skiing – perfection! Thank you so much! FG, March 2012

Dear Annie, Ellie & Adam, we’ve been here as the last guests of the ’12 season. Being a group of 10 with 4 children, it was hard work for you all. You’ve truly made our stay wonderful. Friendliness, great service and food and a feeling of luxury. Thank you for all you’ve done!M Family, April 2012

We had a wonderful holiday! Thank you very much Annie, Victoria, Harry, Fraser & Mark for the wonderful and amazing stay. The food was delicious and Victoria, Mark & Harry are the best. Thank you for making this such a memorable experience.KL December 2012

What an unbelievable experience it is staying at Chalet Trois Ours – beautiful chalet, unbelievable food, fantastic people, mind-blowing views, divine hot tub and great skiing. Thanks to Annie, Alice, Liam and everyone who made our stay so special. In Style Magazine March 2012

I can’t imagine a better place to ski. Stunning location, wonderful chalet but most of all exceptional people. Thanks for an unforgettable experience and I’d love to come back one day. MoneyMaker Magazine March 2012

It’s very, very good! VF, January 2012

Wonderful experience. I will recommend and hope to be back. SM, February 2012

Everything was great – especially the food. Thank you. AB, April 2012

Thank you very much for building Trois Ours into this splendid chalet. We had a wonderful week with lots of skiing, fun and excellent food. We will be reminded of this very special family trip for a long time to come. SK April 2012

Fantastic holiday – many thanks to Annie & her team. Look forward to next year! LG, April 2012

Five star chalet – Chalet Trois Ours situated right on the piste has incredible views and really is fit for a prince or princess. OK Magazine April 2012

2011 Season

We have stayed in many villas & chalet and we can confidently say this has been the best by far. PW, December 2011

We truly enjoyed our stay with you – Annie, Ellie and Adam’s hospitality is unsurpassable!JF December 2011

Amazing experience – one we shall certainly remember. Great team and possibly the best meals of our lives so far! Thank you for a wonderful time – officially converted to a winter holiday couple! D & H, December 2011

What a wonderful treat to have been ensconced in luxury and pampered (and fed) to within an inch of our lives here at Les Trois Ours. Luke and Lucy, thank you so much for making this a truly memorable Christmas. We are officially spoilt for life! Here’s hoping to be back soon. G, Christmas 2011

Totally faultless and wonderful stay in this amazing chalet! We’ll be back next year. PS, February 2011

Amazing. Luxurious, beautiful cosy, divine, eye-catching….. Loved every minute! A, February 2011


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