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When will it snow ?

Recent UK newspapers report have told us to expect the coldest winter for a century and certainly at this time of year in ski resorts, our thoughts turn to snow and its arrival date. Apparently due to the unusually mild autumn, experts studying the air flow in the upper atmosphere have said that everything points […]

Skiing in January

I am often asked when I think the best time is to come skiing and while I would love to have Christmas in the mountains ( the full-on fairytale magic of snow & mountains!)  and I know that anyone with school-age children is restricted to certain dates, I do have a particular liking for skiing […]

First Snow – October 22nd

The first snowfall of the season, no matter how light or short a time it lasts, is always exciting. This year’s first snow arrived today – Wednesday 22nd October and it was lovely to wake up to a white world particularly as only days before we had warm sunshine, temperatures of 29c and we were all […]

Perfect Family Ski Holidays

Skiing “en famille” can sometimes be seen as too much of a challenge to organise successfully and often parents decide to wait until children are older or they end up compromising their own ski holiday experience in order to find a child-friendly option. But it doesn’t have to be that way – choosing the right […]

What’s new in Meribel this winter

One of the great things about Meribel is that there is a constant programme of improvements so every year the resort gets better and better. And this winter is no exception, so here is a little taster of new things for you to enjoy…… The blue Roc de Fer piste, which will host the Finals […]

Ski World Cup Finals in Meribel

This season Meribel is hosting the finals of the Ski World Cup and the resort is buzzing with excitement already. This will be the biggest ski event in Meribel since the 1992 Winter Olympics and the first time the finals of the World Cup have been held in France. The competition which will be held […]

The importance of French Bread

One of the great joys of visiting France is a visit to the “boulangerie” to buy wonderful crusty French bread but did you know quite how important this humble food stuff is to the French nation ? In 1788-9 a combination of market speculation and poor weather led to grain shortages which in turn led […]

5 Things to consider when booking a luxury ski chalet holiday

When it comes to booking a luxury ski holiday there are a host of things to consider and while the internet can provide a wealth of fascinating facts, it can also be confusing in its breadth of information, so here is my list of the things I would consider if I was booking a luxury […]

Avery Crest Speed Stakes – Dublin Horse Show

What a great day we had at the Dublin Horse Show – the sun shone, the horses gleamed and the atmosphere was terrific. The Avery Crest Speed Stakes was the first of the International competitions to be held in the main arena and attracted riders from as far afield as Ukraine, America and Brazil as […]

A great night’s sleep

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. It is the ultimate restorative and is actually a basic physiological need like water, food and air. The amount of sleep needed can vary from person to person and does change with age but research has shown that less than 6 hours per night can be […]